This is my senior thesis project at PNCA. I created a design experience. 

For this project I have written and designed a short narrative that introduces this space which is is intended to be read prior to entering or upon entering the space. I fabricated a column and the letters Y, O and U to be installed within the space. I also mixed and prepared media that is projected onto the letters and column. The initial concept of my space was to create a dystopian critique of contemporary politics which involved me applying a different lens to a known topic.


I created this project in the hope that this will open up a new perspective on our own involvement within political issues and how we are presented them. I believe that since we are absorbing so much information every day that each post has a life span of a few moments with the viewer. We are choosing to like, share or ignore things that we see in our social media channels. This, I hope will inspire people to be aware of how they are interacting with social media which is one more involved ways people interact with political issues.


You may ask, how do all these pieces fit together? Well, they are all intentionally chosen to create an immersive experience. These are all visual tools that aid different aspects of the experience: the narrative, informing the space, the objects giving a physical aspect for people to connect with and the projection mapping to change the atmospheric feel of the entirety of the room. This space is intended to allow for the freedom for the audience to come to their own conclusion on a call to action. The purpose is to offer a view of a known topic through a new lens to gain a new perspective.